Questions and Answers


Q: What kind of study programs can I study in Vienna?

A: You can study in any field at any institute. If your visa is connected to your study, make sure you choose an institution with ├ľffentlichkeitsrecht (which gives the right for a residence permit in Austria). 

Q: In which schools can I study?

A: Vienna University has many different faculties. There are also some Fachhochschulen and Conservatories, where you can study. From those: University of Music and Performing Arts (MDW), Richard Wagner Konservatorium.

Q: In case I want to enter one of these schools as a regular student, how long my preparation period will last and how much does that cost?

A: It depends on your level. To get accepted in a music faculty you need to pass a theory test and an audition with your instrument/singing/composition/conducting. 
You can get feedback about your level. We can connect you to a professor of the institute where you would like to study, for a professional feedback and advice. 
The price depends on the hourly rate of the professor, and this will save the costs of a trip to Vienna.

According to your level we can arrange a tailor-made package for you to prepare for an entrance exam with theory classes and private classes with the professor you would like to study with. Again, the price depends on the hourly rate of the professor, but please do not hesitate to ask. 

Q: How can I start my application if I am not already in Europe?

A: You can get a professional feedback of a professor you would like to study. 
For that you need to send two videos in a good quality. The price depends on the rate of the professor. 

Q: In case I am not already in Europe, how can I get the visa?

A: We will help you in getting the initial acceptance by the university professor, help with submitting the application form for the entrance exam, application-letter for the embassy. In cases of complications, we work with a professional law-firm in Vienna which is specialized in visa cases and offers solutions. 

Q: How can I arrange my traveling?

A: We offer relocation services for different age-groups and needs.
For younger students we arrange guest-families or a "Big brother" or "Big sister", who is looking for the underaged student.

For university students we offer our support in helping with the visa, the health insurance, bank account, housing, university application etc.